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LA4 Foundation is an 11-year-old 501c3 non-profit organization developed by Mario Lovett, a West Tampa native. Mario and his committed staff seek to develop children through patience, positivity, and education.  The goal is to build the minds and bodies of Tampa’s underserved future leaders and promote individual confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills and physical health.

The LA4 Foundation’s founder and CEO is Mario Lovett, he was born and raised in West Tampa, in the North Boulevard Housing Project. His Grandmother, Marjorie raised Mario and instilled in him perseverance.  Against the many challenges of growing up in sometimes volatile environmental factors, Mario excelled in academics and sports.

Mario graduated with his bachelor’s in psychology from University of Central Florida. He was also on the All-Academic and All-Conference Teams. Lovett is sought after for his mental fortitude and physical disciplined training of individuals and athletes.  His Division I basketball experience, and psychology degree make him uniquely qualified to understand, communicate and motivate those who strive for excellence and success.

LA4 Foundation’s mission is to elevate the youth of our community, teach leadership habits while serving the underserved to excel mentally and physically.

The LA4 Foundation has had success reaching and working with our Tampa youth through his LA4 Basketball AAU Travel Teams.  The Foundation helped send over 700 athletes go to college many from single parent homes and the same environmental factors he faced and overcame.  All children and young adults will benefit from the LA4Foundation goals. 


The goals at the forefront of the LA4 Foundation are as follows:


  • Overcoming the Different Levels of Depression

  • High Performance Mindset

    • Balancing Life’s Principles

    • Conquering Sports Performance Anxiety

  • Leadership

  • Nutrition

  • Financial Literacy

  • Sports Performance Training

  • Meditation


The LA4 Basketball Organization had great success and have transitioned to The LA4 Foundation and focus on all around youth development. The LA4 Foundation has been revamped to help our youth navigate life and provide a safe environment to improve the previously listed points of focus.

We provide the guidelines by presenting 5 core values: Respect, Discipline, High Performance Mindset, Mental Toughness, and Integrity.  The successful implementation of these core values will ensure a solid foundation to build upon and give The LA4 Foundation participants more confidence and successfully navigate their young lives.

The LA4 Foundation has deciphered a clear path for boys and girls who desire to communicate and live a well-balanced life, with a no child left behind mantra.

The LA4 Foundation Approach

High Performance Mindset is a major part of LA4’s goal for the youth in our programs. During the pandemic and during quarantine, we found that youth were struggling with mental strength, anxiety, and depression.  The LA4 Foundation will teach communication skills and conflict and bully resolution.  We will have skilled teachers and trainers on staff who teach through meditation and learning to cope with their everyday obstacles.

Together we can make a difference!

The LA4 Foundation is on a mission to raise $44,000 by December 15, 2022. These funds are important for us to provide transportation, purchase AV equipment, educational tools, fill our food closet, more training equipment, purchase computers for our after-school program and so much more.  

By becoming a sponsor of the non-for-profit LA4 Foundation, you and/or company can help us hit our ambitious, yet attainable goals listed in this letter!  Thank you for your continued support of me and my LA4 foundation!

To donate, Venmo is @Foundation-LA4, or if you prefer to send a check, please send to LA4 at 5135 W. Cypress St., Suite 103, Tampa, FL 33607. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach Mario Lovett at 757-453-4229.  




Mario Lovett, Sr.

Founder and CEO of The LA4 Foundation

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